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  • Overview
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  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Reference Design
  • The MT-V5311 is Metanoia's latest generation of VDSL2 product designed to meet both today’s FTTB/FTTC applications and future’s FTTdp applications. MT-V5311 incorporates MT2311 DMT (Discrete Multi-Tone) and MT3311 AFE (Analog Front End) into a single chip that greatly minimize the board size to fit in different applications. More importantly, it inherits the rich features set from the original MT-V2311 chipsets with full VDSL2 function and all the latest ITU-T add in features, such as G.inp (G.998.4)and G.vector (G.993.5). The new chipset allows our customers to design a flexible system that can seamlessly be deployed in mixed environment.

    Metanoia MT-V5311 is a VDSL2 PHY chip especially suitable for Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP transceiver) design. Realizing the modulation of broadband access technology makes it possible for Service Providers to provide several types of access network services using the same CPE Gateway. With the same user experience, leveraging Metanoia MT-V5311 within a SFP module is a competitive and cost effective solution for Service Providers which not only ensures the interoperability but also reserves the possibility for future upgrade.

  • Deployment Scenario 1:  FTTX + VDSL2 CPE



    Deployment Scenario 2: As a Long Reach Ethernet over VDSL2 solution




    The MT-V5311 chipset supports all VDSL2 profiles that defined by ITU-T G.993.2 and all the latest ITU-T add in features, such as G.inp (G.998.4)and G.vector (G.993.5).

    Leveraging the SFP cage of Gateways as a WAN interface enables ServiceProviders to have more flexibility on selecting different levels of access technology based on the requirements from end users. Service Providers can provide network service varies from Megabit to Gigabit transmission data rate on copper cable only by plugging in different SFPs as long as they deploy a SFP cage on
    their CPE Gateway.

    Since Service Providers will not need to substitute any new Gateways to upgrade their broadband network service, using the SFP module definitely is a cost-saving solution for them. Besides, it can prevent the possible increase of managerial costs because there is going to be only one CPE type for Service Providers to manage rather than multiple equipment for different type of WAN communication.



  • MT-V5311 chipset specifications

    VDSL2 Transmission mode

      Band Plan ITU-T G.933.2 with 6 band (30MHz)
    US0 band support 
      Profile  8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 12a, 12b, 17a, 30a
      Data Rate DS/US : 200Mbps/100Mbps 
    DS/US:  250Mbps/50Mbps 
      Frequency Plan  Annex A (998)
    Annex B (997, 998)
    Annex C
      PBO UPBO & DPBO 
      NTR/ToD Network Timing Synchronization
      OLR Bit Swapping, SRA, SOS, Dynamic Interleaver Depth (D) change 
      Diagnostic  DELT
      Latency  Dual Latency and Dual Bearer 
    ADSL2/2+ Transmission mode
      Annex A/B/M
      Data Rate DS/US:24Mbps/1Mbps
      Modes PTM Mode (CPE)
    ATM Mode (CPE)
      PVC 8 PVCs
    Advanced ITU Features
      G.inp Retransmission (G.998.4) 
      G.vector Cross Talk Elimination (G.993.5)
      ROC Robust Overhead Channel 
    Unique Features
      QoS Flexible packet sorting based on EtherType, VLAN ID or VLAN
      EBM Ethernet Boot & Management
      Host/master HPI & SPI 


  • Evaluation Board

    -LREoVD2 SFP SFP-V5311-L-O/R
    Long Reach Ethernet over VDSL2 SFP module

    -VDSL2 SFP SFP-V5311-T-R
    VDSL2 SFP module