MT-G5321 PHY for CO and CPE
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  • Overview
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  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Reference Design
  • Metanoia MT-G5321 is a PHY designed for both Network Terminal design and Small form factor pluggable (SFP) transceiver use. It incorporates both MT2321 DMT (Discrete Multi-Tone) and MT3321 AFE (Analog Front End) into a single chip to minimize the board size in order to fit in SFP module.
    The standard was defined to solve the problems uncovered at first for FTTH deployment such as delays in obtaining permit for road digging,refusal from homeowner to fiber wiring, etc.. Considering of the cost of the fiber deployment, is undoubtedly the most efficient way for Service Providers to provide up to 1Gbps broadband access service over existing UTP cable.
    For short range ultra-high broadband access, SFP is definitely the most efficient and cost saving choice

  • Deployment Scenario 1:  As a upgrade module on the existng VDSL Modem


    Deployment Scenario 2:  FTTdp+ Deployment Scenario

  • The SFP supports all the standards (ITU-T G.9700 and G.9701 standards) 

    Metanoia MT-G5321 SFP realizes the modulation of broadband access technology which ensures the interoperability for users. Service Providerscan select whichever access technology based on the requirement of customers with the same Getaway. Only by plugging Metanoia MT-G5321 SFP into existing SFP slots on CPE Getaways, end users can immediately enjoy Gigabit access rate on copper cable at any time. This way, Service Providers will not need to waste resources on verifying any new surplus devices after every upgrade. With the same Gateway, it could prevent the possible increase of management cost. Also, using SFP enables the CPE Gateway to have Gigabit access rate without redesigning the user interface.

    Metanoia MT-G5321 supports wide temperature tolerance which guarantees that it could work properly in any harsh environment. Furthermore, MT-G5321 has an ultra-low power dissipation design and takes power directly from main system board without connecting to an extra wall socket.


  • MT-G5321 chipset specifications Features 

      Frequency band  2.2MHz to 106MHz
      Modulation Discrete Multi Tone (DMT)
      Duplexing  TDD (Time Division Duplexing) 
      Sub carriers  2048 carriers with 12 bits/carrier 
      Sub carrier spacing  51.75kHz
      ANDR  1Gbps (Aggregate Net Data Rate) 
      FEC Trellis coding 
    Reed-Solomon coding 
      Maximum TX power  4dBm
      Handshake  ITU-T G.994.1
    OAM Features 
      SOC, EOC, RMC  Compliant 
      SRA Seamless Rate Adaption 
      Bit Swapping Compliant 
      RPA RMC Parameter Adjustment 
      FRA Fast Rate Adaptation 
      TIGA Transmitted Initiated Gain Adjustment 
    Advance ITU Features
      G.inp Retransmission 
      Vectoring Linear vectoring (CPE)
      NTR NTR transport on 
      ToD  Frequency synchronize and Time synchronize 
    Other Features
      QoS Flexible packet classify based on EtherType, VLAN ID or VLAN
    priority (supports QinQ). 
      EBM Ethernet Boot & Management
      Host/master SPI, I2C


  • Evaluation Board SFP SFP-G5321-T-R SFP module